Forex Broker Solutions


Most of aspiring Forex Brokers wonder What are Forex Brokerage Solutions?

Forex Broker Solutions include IT Tools, Software & Services that help Forex Brokers to run and operate their Forex Brokerage Business seamlessly & profitably right from onboarding/KYC customers, Receiving Deposits, Sending Withdrawals, Currency Pairs, Price Quotes, Trading Terminal & Matching Engine, Order Book, A Book, B Book, Risk Management, Trade Book, P&L, Reports, Spread, Commission, Charges setting, Copy Trading, Fund Management, Accounting, Compliance, Audits, Algo Trades, IB & Affiliate Program, Mobile App to manage everything on the go etc. In nut-shell Forex Brokerage Solutions are the back bone of a successful Forex Brokerage business that run and manage end-to-end tasks of this business. These Tools & Software sets brokers free from development of everything from scratch and they can focus on their core business of bringing more and more traders/clients, marketing, fund raising, regulatory approvals, reporting etc.

MT4/MT5 White Label Solutions

MT5 White Label is software developed by MetaQuotes for Forex Brokers to help them run their Forex Brokerage Business. It’s the backbone of Forex Brokerage Business that let brokers to connect with the Forex Market spread across the world, sign up traders, set up groups for... More

MT4/MT5 White Label Cost

If you are looking for low cost MT4/MT5 Forex Broker Solutions provider, we could be your best choice. Our MT5 White Label Solutions Cost & MT4 White Label Solutions Cost are very reasonable and affordable. We do understand that opening and running a Forex Brokerage... More

Forex Website Design & Development

Website is a gateway to the worldwide forex traders’ community for a Forex Brokerage. Every single Forex Brokerage needs a trendy, stylish, content rich and easily navigable website. We provide Forex Web Development & Design service for Forex Brokerages. If you are not... More

Forex Trader Room / CRM

Traders Room is the CRM that brings together different people and functions associated with a Forex Brokerage business. Everything right from traders, broker, feeds, technology, tools, payments, IB & Affiliates, support, reports and analytics etc. are bound together in... More

Forex IB & Affiliate Software

Starting up a Forex Business is easier with the advent of technology. All you need to have seed fund to register the business, secure regulatory approvals and capable hands like ours to help with technological aspect of Forex Business. All things in place and you are... More

Forex MAMM Software

Multi Account Manager Module & Percentage Allocation Management Module open up additional revenue streams for Master Traders. Forex Trading is a game for patient and persistent, it takes time to learn to be profitable. MT4 MAM Software or Forex MAM Software... More

PAMM Software

PAMM modules let traders to connect with master trader who actually trades on behalf of all associated traders and profits is shared according to the percentage allocation of fund by each account. This helps loss making traders to make money. PAMM (Percentage Allocation... More

Forex Trade Copier

Trade Copier is another very popular tool demanded by traders from forex brokers. As the name suggests, Trade Copier lets a trader copy the trades of Master Trader. Trade Copier provides greater control to the slave traders as the FUNDs never get transferred to the... More

Forex Plugins

Different Forex Brokers need different functions and tools to operate a profitable business. White MT4 & MT5 Platforms have very advanced tools they still lack some important functions that a forex broker may need to carry out day to day operations. To address... More

Forex Trading Signals Software

Signal Hub is the module that lets Master Traders to broadcast their Trade Signals or Recommendations to a large group. After knowing about MAMM, PAMM & Trade Copier, you might be wondering what about those traders who do not want to copy trades blindly but first... More

Forex Virtual Dealer Plugin

Virtual Dealer is one plugin which is equally popular and notorious amongst the Forex Brokers & Traders alike. And there is a reason for that. Forex Virtual Dealer Plugin is a notorious tool for MT4 Forex Brokers who have a Dealing Desk or run B Book to take... More

Forex Mobile Manager App

In this fast paced world Mobile Manager lets Forex Brokers manage the business and operations on the go. Seeing live trades, managing risks, leverages and spreads is the most important aspect of Forex Brokerage Operations. It becomes very easier when accessing MT4/MT5... More

MT4 Trader Room/CRM Mobile App

After knowing about the Mobile Manager, if you were thinking about how to manage clients and payment etc. MT4 Trader Room/CRM Mobile App makes Forex Brokers’ life easier by letting them take care of customer onboarding, accounts management, customer... More

Forex Social Trading Platform

Forex is an ever growing Market. People from world over are participating and creating Forex Market. Forex Community is growing by leaps and bounds. Different people have different capabilities and understanding of market. What’s the most important... More

Binary Platform

Binary Trading has got traction off late and getting popular amongst the Forex Trading Community. If you too intend to start a Binary Trading Platform and looking for technology, we have a ready Binary Platform for you. All you need to do is to subscribe to our platform... More

MT4 Liquidity Bridge

MT4 Liquidity Bridge helps Forex Brokers with their biggest challenge i.e. LIQUIDITY. In simple terms liquidity means the availability of enough buyers and sellers at every price point that helps them to enter and exit at best price without any undue delay and slippage... More

FXTradeTools provide individual and package Forex Broker Solutions MT4/MT5 White Label, MAMM, Traders Room, PAMM, IB & Affiliate Modules, Mobile App, Trade Copier, Bridge, API, Feeds, Social Trading Platform, Website, Binary Option Platform, and Plugins etc.

We have been into Forex Trade Tools, Software & Service business for a decade now. Our experienced team has an in-depth knowledge of brokers’ need which helps us to develop state of the art forex tools and solutions and improve by updating them regularly.

FXTradeTools is your one stop shop for all aspiring, startup and established forex brokerage businesses world over. Contact us to know more about our solutions that can help you run forex brokerage business profitably.