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MT4 Trading tools having institutional clients and hedge funds as the clients which showing FX Trade Tool quality of work and capabilities for a traders requirements.

MT4 Trading tools Experts having years of experience in the financial industry which can provide solutions for the traders as well as, through which you can define and refine your trading and can get the solutions for your trading needs which can be more profitable to you for your business as professional way.

What Our Clients Say About Us
  • Trading is now on profitable base!!!
    By Kulbir Singh, 16:22 PM

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  • Trading is now on profitable base!!!
    By Kulbir Singh, 16:22 PM

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What is Trader’s Room CRM?

The Trader’s Room CRM is a web-based portal built for your brokerage but designed specifically with your traders in mind. Under the secure login you and your clients will have access to loads of features, from registering new accounts to electronic deposits, live chat and much more. With new trader room, you can also become IB and manage your commissions by monitoring your down line. The ultimate back end for your Traders, IBs, Money Managers and Investors. Easy to use CRM to streamline your sales, operations, and support. The system offers so many functions that the best way to describe it is to experience it. FX Trade tools offers you a simple, easy to use and highly functional trader’s room. Join hands with us today to give your traders the best Brokerage experience.


  • State-of-the-art technology and highly functional.
  • Helps you take feedback from your traders.
  • Your clients can easily submit any required documents.
  • Highly efficient ticketing system to log issues/complaints.
  • E-wallet to assist fund deposits and withdrawal to multiple accounts and manage funds hassle free.
  • Easy to deposit and withdrawal funds from wallet.

Client Features


Our highly secured trader’s room with MD5 hash encryption method provides security against any kind of malicious activity

Live Chat

We provide live chat integrated with our trader’s room so that traders can directly contact you for any real-time queries

Profile Management

Fully functional profile management where one profile can be associated with multiple trading accounts. It also provides the ability for trader’s to upload their KYC documents.

Accounts Management

Lists all pre-configured Trading accounts along with the option to configure new trading accounts. There’s no cap on creating number of accounts here.

Manage Funds

Top of the line funds manager where trader can manage funds of his wallet and associated trading account with the profile. Trader can easily deposit or withdraw their money with the different payment gateways (Neteller, Skrill etc.) to its wallet and through the wallet user can transfer its fund to the trading account and vice versa.

Client Wallet

Wallet for deposit withdrawal in account easy manageable by admin which simplify for funding and withdrawal for many accounts and convey easily to regulatory bodies.

Signals & Widgets

For increasing social media traffic for clients signal and widgets for publishing on various social media sites such as on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Flexible Bonus Offers

Flexible bonuses can be configured for various activities such as account opening, deposit amount etc.

Real Time Statistics

Real time information on overall performance of all trading accounts which includes real time information available in graphical form for profits, risks, loss, consistency, Balance vs Equity, history, open trades, drawdown etc.

Risk Management

Highly efficient tool to monitor and manage risks associated with trading accounts. Client can make their portfolio risk free while being away from terminal by configuring drawdown levels so whenever trades reaches that level, it will be cut off automatically.

Trade Alerts

Email notifications will be sent whenever any trade is placed or closed along with trading account’s balance and equity.

24/5 Technical Support

We are here to extend our technical support to eradicate any type of bottlenecks in your day to day operations with Trader’s Room.

Admin Features

Fully Customizable Marketing Mailers

Fully customized mailers integrated for every transaction performed in the system. Apart from internal mailers, admin can also configure mailers for marketing purpose through which external mailers can be configured in system and sent to group of people or individuals.

Executives Management

Admin can create various executives in system such as Relationship Manager, Account Manager & Support Manager. These executives can then properly manage individual traders or group of traders in order to have healthier relationships for prolonged period of time.

Customized Dynamic Account Plans

Admin can create various types of dynamic account plans which can have .

  • All profiles created along with trading accounts will be in disabled mode.
  • All profiles will be enabled but trading on accounts will be disabled.
  • All profiles and accounts will be enabled but trading on accounts is disabled.
  • All profiles, accounts and trading on accounts is enabled.

With these purely dynamic customized plans, administrator can have full control of profiles/accounts being created in the system.

eKYC Management

Review the information & documents submitted by client to fulfil guidelines of regulatory bodies or financial institutions.